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Join America's fastest growing Rheumatology care network!

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Are you a US Board Certified Rheumatologist and interested in joining the fastest growing rheumatology care platform and grow your services?


Simply send us your details and we'll get back to you ASAP! 

  • No joining costs or overheads

  • Start your online practice!

  • Free Telemedicine EMR!

  • Get virtual Assistant Support!

  • Practice anytime, anywhere!


Thank you! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

No cost to join and no overheads! 


Joining RheumX as a provider involves no upfront costs, nor any subscription fee.  

RheumX provides the most cost effective solution to expand your outreach to thousands of patients. As America's fastest growing rheumatology care platform, RheumX aims to become the go-to portal for every requirement pertinent to rheumatology by hosting best rheumatologists online as well as listing top quality ancillary and diagnostic services. 

Being part of this extensive network of top physicians and diagnostic service providers nationwide places you in an effective limelight making your practice much more accessible to patients across all states you are licensed to practice. 

Start your online practice!

Starting your own online practice has never been easier. 

With RheumX you do not have to worry about practice setup, listing, patient management, billing and insurance or telemedicine platform and EMR subscription. 

Simply register, provide your details, get a brief walk-through on how-to-practice and start seeing patients while RheumX takes care of the support operations on your behalf. 

RheumX is backed by American TelePhysicians, a physicians owned-physicians led group of top healthcare, business and IT professionals with the aim to make rheumatology care easily available and accessible to patients, and care delivery convenient for the providers using state-of-the-art Telemedicine solution & digital protocols. 

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Free Telemedicine EMR

NeuroX_Telemedicine Portal.png

To facilitate you in providing you a seamless telemedicine experience to your patients, RheumX will provide you Free access to SmartClinix - a robust HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine EMR. 

Telemedicine is not just an audio-video encounter. It should simulate a complete in-office consultation experience. 

SmartClinix embedded at the backend of RheumX has been designed by physicians for physicians with focus on security, convenience and patient satisfaction. SmartClinix offers various advanced features like Triage facility whereby a patient can invite his/her family member or friends to join the consultation, over-the-air updates & customized workflows. 

RheumX will provide free SmartClinix training and support to partner physicians. 

Interested in joining most comprehensive Rheumatology Care portal?

Practice anytime, from anywhere

RheumX provides physicians the freedom to practice at the time of their convenience by devising their consultation schedules around their own lifestyle. Physicians can choose to practice telemedicine as many hours as they please, in whichever time slots they choose to be available. 


Through Telemedicine, online rheumatologists can also practice in all of their licensed states irrespective of their physical location. 

Convenience and always on service ensures your patients continue to get care while providing you freedom to move and travel at will.  

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Interested in being part of the future of Rheumatology care?

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