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Remote Patient Monitoring

After Hours Coverage

Weekend Coverage

Interested in efficient Rheumatology care delivery at your facility? 

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Providing Tele-Consultations & Tele-Rounding at 

  • Senior Living Facilities

  • Memory Care Units

  • Rural Area Hospitals

  • Prisons & Correctional Facilities

  • Short Term Rehab Faclities

Telemedicine the right way! 


Telemedicine is not just an audio-video encounter. It is rather a completely integrated system of services to simulate in-person consultations without any quality or satisfaction losses. RheumX provides a comprehensive set of tele-solutions for Senior and Assisted Living Facilities, Rehabs, and Correctional Facilities enabling them to provide better care to their residents, increase service portfolio and improve resident satisfaction. 

RheumX rapidly growing clinical group includes top rheumatologists. RheumX utilizes a proprietary HIPAA compliant Telemedicine EMR solution, SmartClinix, to provide a comprehensive care experience to your patients. For TeleRounding, RheumX is equipped with state-of-the-art telemedicine carts to ensure smooth delivery of care. 

Interested in achieving better patient satisfaction at your facility?

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Tele-Consultations do not have to be conducted alone

At RheumX we believe patients may want someone to assist or accompany them during the consultations. 


RheumX tele-consultation system provides the liberty of inviting family members or friends to be a part of the online consultation from the comfort of their homes or offices through iOS and Android app using simple single click operation. 


This triage facility can also be used by care-provider to invite more specialists to the online consultation for 2nd opinion on complex cases.  

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Expand service portfolio

Blood Test

CBC                         $9

HBA1C            $17

X-Ray              $60

CT Scan        $300

Contracting RheumX services at your facility not only ensures complete Rheumatology coverage for your residents, but also provides access to various other services.  

RheumX has partnered with Labs & Imaging providers nationwide to bring exclusive discounts of up to 80% on services which can be availed by residents of contracted facilities. 

Residents of contracted facilities can also avail access to on-demand consultations for various conditions ensuring the residents remain mentally healthy to enjoy the prime years of their lives to its fullest. 

Interested in future-proofing your facility? 

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