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Getting quality healthcare is very challenging. Not only is it expensive but it also takes significant time and effort to schedule and get the healthcare services. 


Moreover, with Covid-19, it is very difficult to travel and carries significant risk. 


NeuroX, an online healthcare platform with services direct to patients, is revolutionising Neurology and Psych Care by offering affordable & convenient care including online consultations as well as the delivery of related healthcare services at home.


NeuroX also enables family members or caregivers to get involved in the care of their loved ones even if they live remotely. 

Online Consultation Services


Patients or their caregivers can request and schedule online consultations by specialist physicians and related care providers (psychologists, dieticians etc). 


These providers provide both continuation of care as well as second opinion services.   

Diagnostics & Ancillary Services


NeuroX, in collaboration with CURA4U, assists patients in scheduling diagnostic healthcare services (such as labs, radiology or other services such as EEG) at discounted prices, and wherever possible facilitates home-care services.  

Medications & Treatment Services


NeuroX provides access to online pharmacy with medicine & medical equipment ordering and delivery across the region. The system incorporates notifications, refill reminders & is e-prescription enabled for doctors to send orders directly.

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